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30 Manitou Dr
Kitchener ON

   Phone: +519-893-8802

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MTO (Ministry of Transportation): licences, registration, road safety traffic information.

More like this:  Distance  
MTO Office Kitchener Krug 3.2 km    2 miles
MTO Office Kitchener ON 3.3 km    2 miles
MTO Office Waterloo 4.1 km    2.5 miles
MTO Office Elmira 17.5 km    10.9 miles
MTO Office Cambridge 18.8 km    11.7 miles

Local POI:
Red Lobster Kitchener 0.1 km    0 miles
N2J 4C5 0.1 km    0.1 miles
McDonald's Kitchener ON N2H 6M8 0.2 km    0.1 miles
Tim Horton's Kitchener ON N2J 4C5 0.5 km    0.3 miles
Tim Horton's Kitchener ON N2H 2M6 0.8 km    0.5 miles
TKO Motorsport4.7 km    2.9 miles

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