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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 Garmin Nuvi 1390 I've been using this sat nav for some 3 years now and have had no issues. Also use as hands free for mobile. Cannot set vehicle to truck
2 mstremick Garmin 1390 LMT Fast load time, easy to update Had to buy a sd card to get new maps installed 4
3 cshandyman Garmin 1390 Fast, love turn late indicator, multiple display of speed, ETA, travel times and distances Sometimes suggests dumb or impractical routes (but so did two previous GPSs. 9
4 obi_98 Garmin nuvi 1390LMT provides speed limit and turns your speed red if you are going above the limit doesn't have audible alert 8
5 reiner GARMIN nüvi 1390 LMT Very bright and clear screen. More concise directions as compared to my old NAVIGON.
Hope that included lifetime update will make it unnecessary to buy a new device for some years.
Lacks a suspend mode. So, if you switch it off during the trip (as I mostly did on the Autobahn), it takes quite a time to start/restart it, and you have to press three buttons to go back to navigation mode: 1st Confirm warning, 2nd Enter destination, 3rd Last found, 4th First entry 7
6 larry4 Garmin Nuvi1390 Lane guidance good, traffic updates work well Despite regular updates, still has problems with sections of the M25! 6
7 kerryviteacher Garmin 1390T Good screen
Range of features
Traffic updates
Difficult to review routes Can only add one via point Can be slow to start Voice directions don't always work 7
8 medz GARMIN 1390T Excellent value for money.

Never drive anywhere without it.
Purchase price paid for on first continental trip.
Major junction display excellent.
None for me. Congestion ahead display can be slow to update 9
9 m.napreychikov Garmin nuvi 1390T bright screen, good sound volume, fast route recalculation, small and quality windscreen mount, easy do update via PC a bit slow boot-up, map does not provide enough detail, sometimes confuses in the city (Melbourne) 7
10 david.sanderson Garmin Nuvi 1390T Easy to use, great screen and map/voice directions. Bad routing decisions that can't be changed particularly roads with no turn left/right. Occasionally directs you miles out of the way so need to review the trip before setting off. 7
11 sliderz1 Garmin Nuvi 1390t * 25 percent slimmer than previous Garmins.
* No-hassle, free lifetime traffic detection and avoidance.
* Pedestrian and cycling-friendly features.
* Automatically log mileage with ecoRoute feature.
Needs more versatile, easier-to-use route preview feature. 8
12 wpociengel Garmin1390t Just got it but may be trading it back for a 1490t so I can add routes. Seems to work pretty well. I did find it difficult to identify the traffic alerts as the line of travel was bolder than the traffic color coded line. 4
13 geoffrturner3 Garmin Nuvi 1390T Eazy to use Country area mapping needs updating 7
14 mwalker87015 GARMIN 1390T I am very happy with my nuvi 1390T, especially with the handsfree Bluetooth feature. Not only can the party Im talking to hear me clearly, I can hear them, as well! As far as the actual performance of the unit in providing timely directions, I will say it recalculates a missed turn exceptionally fast! The ability to add the mini-SD card is also very helpful in that just keeping up with the POIs and other somewhat large-ish files eats the units available memory pretty fast. The unit tends to be somewhat finicky regarding establishing a link with the satellites. I understand it needs to have clear view of the sky, but (since it's my newest toy) I would think it would connect while I'm sitting in my living room right next a sliding glass door. The only other possible issue I might have is the menus, sub-menus, and practically buried menu items for a simple setting (i.e. the audio notification settings for for my cameras and custom POIs). 7
15 cfrederick Garmin 1390T Fast reaction time; clear maps and directions; availability of 3rd party dowloads. Sometimes choses poor routing 7
16 webmaster3333 Garmin nuvi 1390t easy to use - quick to calculate routes - loud and clear voice for directions - good FM traffic status receiver. found the unit turns itself off occasionally when selecting view map. 8
17 wr_mayo Garmin nuvi 1390 Simple, clean interface.
Lane guidance for almost every road
Bluetooth hands-free just passable. Not particularly flash 7
18 pablo_gsxr750 Garmin Nuvi 1390T Device does exactly what it says on the box! Stay away from Garmin online shop & customer service department. 4
19 gsfoster Garmin nuvi 1390 Easy to use Does not display GPS Co-ordinates 7
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