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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 Garmin 1450 This is my 3rd and I think they are great Getting through the menu
2 desduncan4 Garmin nuvi 1450 OK i guess, like always you get what you pay for & i paid for a cheapish SAT NAV with lifetime map updates, so i cannot expect a full range of top end features on a budget device, that said it is the best device I have had yet, probably not saying much as it's only my second SAT NAV & the first was a woeful Binatone Carrera! Map updates are not very frequent! The disclaimer on the box was for up to 4 map updates per year for life, however i would be lucky if there was only 1 map update made available per year for this device. 6
3 n23px Garmin Nuvi 1450 Large characters for next the name of the waypoint makes it easy to view from a distance. The distance to next waypoint is easy to see also. The time to the next waypoint is not displayed. It would be good to have either the time to next waypoint, or time of arrival at the next waypoint displayed with the distance to it. 8
4 espio Garmin nuvi 1450LM This particular model has lifetime updates Can be slow to find satellites 7
5 eldreamranch Garmin nuvi 1450 LMT I like all features of unit. Good, quick load up of maps. There is little to improve except maybe more real time features or better roads to go to destination. Sometimes will lead to other longer roads. 7
6 hanliu6621 Garmin Nuvi1450 Just used mine for about 2 weeks, so far so good. I have to select a state then postal code. I should be able to select a postal code and GPS will tell which state. 7
7 w78007 garmin nuvi 1450 LMT ok. some ups and some downs selected routing not very good. not enough options to select route. fastest or shortest. no options like primary roads or interstate. sometimes it will take you on a pig path. 6
8 bdprior Garmin nuvi 1450t Easy to use, good display - dashboard speedo very usefull on highway. Have great difficulty in getting GarminMapUpdater to run so I can download latest map. 4
9 mkester Garmin Nuvi 1450LT Easy to update. No lockups or errors.
Confusing to change route in middle of trip. 8
10 nishi Garmin Nuvi 1450LMT Large display. Locks on quickly. Expandable via micro-SD card. Intuitive to use. Lifetime Map updates (4 per year) included in price. Lifetime subscription to FM Traffic reports in major centers included in price. Stores 10 routes. Fast at recognizing deviation from route and recalculating a new one. No voice control. Hides some map details at highway speeds. No case or AC power. Requires a trick to operate the GPS while powered through a standard USB cable because GPS thinks that it is connected to a computer. 7
11 htsvetkov Garmin Nuvi 1450t Reliable price in Switzerland (circa CHF 200), comparing to other devices; Wide display; Map accuracy; Volume is too high, even at 10%; No English navigation at standard version (in Switzerland);  
12 rodsykes1 Garmin nuvi 1450T good sized clear screen
easy to read detail eg street names
easy to operate in all modes
good reliable mount
good online support
map screen doesnt show house numbers traffic system unreliable/not up to date 7
13 johnkoole4 Garmin 1450T Good size screen - clear , easy to read
Audio volume - audible at moderate levels
Rerouting - recalcs quickly once it has determined that youre not following recommended route
Would prefer to see street names of most streets rather than just some, as currently displayed at normal zoom level. 6
14 haveblue2 Garmin 1450LMT, 640, eMap Garmin 1450LMT: , fast booting, big screen.
Garmin 640: compact, touch screen is response, great battery life, MP3 player. Case & power cord.
1450: clumsy size, only horizontal mode. No case or AC power cord. 640: slow to boot up. 5
15 johnkoole Garmin 1450T * 5 inch screen very readable to quick glance
* Garmin bean bag mount stable on open road , does slide around dash when off road
* Quickly detects by location when directions are not being followed & recalculates quickly
* no quick way to return to current naviagtion screen if you go to main menu * have already had 2 instances ( in first 3 days of light urban use ) of verbal instruction saying turn right ( or left ) when map was showing the opposite - map was correct 5
16 stgmgr Garmin nuvi 1450T Ease of use. Accuracy. Routing such that your destination is always on your right. 7
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