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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 garmin nuvi 1200 3790t Portable, reliable, easy to use and quite cheap....
better, slim, ease of use,more utilities...
no lane assist lol very delicate do not drop!!!
2 mini_gint Garmin 3790T 3D maps is an added benefit when traveling in new areas to orient yourself. Junction view is also nice to minimize confusion on road trips. Sometimes seems like a slow processor that lags on map loading and route calculating. 7
3 lyndon.teoh Garmin 3790 Nice, small and fast bluetooth is not very clear 8
4 shaun.dodson GARMIN 3790T Small, large screen, fairly fast at calculating routes Prone to rebooting, voice command useless 6
5 reeve.waugh Garmin Nuvi 3790 voice control.
fm traffic updates
multiple lanes are displayed with pictures of exits on some metropolitan areas
bluetooth to phone for hands free
small speaker can make it difficult to hear telephone conversations. would be good to have FM ability to send sound to car radio speakers. 7
6 divrdrew Garmin Nuvi 3790 LMT Accuracy, graphics, speed to locate satellites, search speed. Had a 1590 stolen and replaced with this unit. I love it. Sleek, small, lightweight, good battery life, etc. Speaker and mic not very good for bluetooth integration with your phone. Activation of voice commands takes a bit of getting used to and doesn't work every time. 9
7 rscsmith Garmin Nuvi 3790 Voice command
Junction photographs
Slim and good looking
Fast hardware
Clear screen
Text to voice - Road names read out
Sometimes reboots itself (not often) No bluetooth headset option (which would be useful for use with my motorbike and bluetooth crash helmet headset) Wish Id bought the traffic version. 7
8 mikekrath Garmin NUVI 3790LMT Thin. Can take it with you when you walk. Directs you down country roads that lead to dangerous intersections. 8
9 jeffd735 Garmin 3790LMT Big screen, fast map updates, better voice recognition. No auto traffic cameras thick 8
10 belanyitrai44 Garmin nuvi 3790 Excellent screen.
Thin, pocket size.
Route transfer from Mapsource is complicated. 7
11 jw.stewart Garmin nüvi 3790T Screen resolution, voice activated hands free operation, mobile phone use via bluetooth, storage capacity. No facility to lock the touch screen while the device is switched on. 7
12 lancebrown24 Garmin Nuvi 3790T Great device , good size, slim, etc. have had screen loose mapping while operating, tried updates but still drops out mapping only sometimes. Find it hard to update safety audio warnings 6
13 SearchNRescue Garmin 3790 Wireless, camera alerts and speed zone alerts Lack of POIs, Lack of bluetooth synch., lacking voice operational voice recognition. 6
14 andreasik Garmin 3790 Nice device,thin, glass display Poor satellite reception. 7
15 Stephen44 Garmin nüvi® 3790LMT I have had 8 different GPSs this one is by far the best one I have used.
The first thing I like about the Garmin 3790 is the way it plugs into the cradle. nothing harder on the GPS then to have to pull a cord out from the back of it. The touch screen is very responsive. Easy to operate. and is voice commanded for true hands free operation.
There is little I have found wrong with this unit. If I am pushed I would have to say the voice command will switch on even when I am not asking for it once and a while. Not really that big of a deal. 9
16 dhitzke Garmin 3790T Garmin 3790T user friendly Pronunciation of street names could be improved 7
17 layhenh Garmin 3790LMT Very nice looking device, so far I don't have any serious problem with it yet but its not as expected as a $450 device. It's a little too hot when navigating for the first hour til the battery fully charged. Sometimes it takes you to the back street roads for no reason. 6
18 david.lau.01 Garmin 3790V Very sleek - slim, glass surface and friendly user interface. Can be rather difficult to erase Custom POIs that are stored in internal memory. 8
19 rwoolmer Kenwood (Garmin) KNA G520 / Nuvi 3790t G520 - Very clear voice instructions through the cars speaker system.

3790t - Very good graphics.
G520 - Graphics are a quite slow by modern standards. 3790t - Still looking for them! 8
20 klaus44 Garmin nüvi 3790 Stable running
ecoRoute HD is very good
NavTeq Maps seem to be much faster updated compared to the TeleAtlas on my former TomTom940
Very slow Satellite search, compared to my old TomTom940 Very slow updates While updating software the device has to be repeatedly disconnected from and reconnected to USB port 5
21 aphindmarch Garmin Nuvi 3790 Garmin Nuvi 3790.

Accurate navigation, great screen resolution. Clear voice commands. Has live traffic updates.
Sometime reboots itself for no reason. 7
22 22catch Garmin nüvi® 3790T I find the Garmin nüvi® 3790T to be a very good unit, unstable in some areas.
I’ve had this unit for about a year and it has been very accurate during this time I also have a Navman S90I this is also a good unit they seem to be on par with each other however the Garman is more advanced which you would expect.
I found that the Garmin nüvi® 3790T really battles to find the GPS signals and this is really annoying, in my case it took anything from ten to fifteen minutes to connect I solved this problem by purchasing a GPS Re-radiating Antenna Kit my unit now takes one minute or less to connect. 7
23 mjardella Garmin 3790T Great screen & slim size. When using data strip (speed, eta etc) on right of screen writing is too big and results in small map viewing area. Unable to increase volume for saftey camera alerts. Safety camera icons too small to see exact location. 7
24 criss Garmin 3790LMT It looks and behaves a lot like Apples iPhone or iPod Touch. The glass will crack if you store it in your back pocket and then sit down. 8
25 robak65 Garmin nuvi 3790T Highly evolved over my TomTom 910
Voice command is fantastic. All good at the moment with the new toy...
Like any high end device, you need to learn how to utilise its capabilities (Read the manual). More difficult to load custom POIs and sounds. Thats why I an here...!!! 8
26 chris.kraemer Garmin Nuvi 3790t Compact Size
Beautiful Screen and Resolution
Processing Speed
Voice Control
POIs do not show up on map as you are driving Must be plugged in for traffic updates Junction View is very limited right now 6
27 nick4 Garmin 3790 Over all a great device! Design, voice control, my- and trafic-trends. Now and then it bothers me that you can´t go directly back to the main menu. No option which alows you to chose between eg. fastes and main roads only - like I think some TomToms have. 7
28 junkyard garmin nuvi 3790T Slim form factor is very convinient.
Voice commands really help to keep eyes on the road. I wish it was voice command access to some functions that currently can be performed only by touch.
Missing recalculate command like on my old iQue3600. Device recalculates route when traffic situation becomes worse, but does not recalculate after it receives data that congestion on the original route dissipated. Also it seems not to take in account that even congested freeway sometimes could be faster then surface streets with lots of stop lights. 7
29 welsh_tc Garmin Nuvi 3790T great screen, very fast processor, easy to use menu system (once you get used to where everything is), does not keep rebooting like my Navman MY50T; love the ecoroute feature, overall I really like it a lot but have only had it for a week so far. glass screen shows up all the finger prints which is no big deal really. No other complaints. 7
30 cdmacomm Garmin 3790T Overall does as it says, nice slick looking unit. Large onboard memory and fast processor a big plus already! unit gets VERY hot when in car cradle and using, screen capture icon BLOCKS OUT battery level meter, voice activation- when using a 2 word command like good morning the unit will wake up after just saying good. Biggest NEG is NO OVERSPEED AUDIBLE ALARM, even my Uniden had this out of the box!  
31 caesar Garmin Nuvi 3790t Great unit with the exception of the DETOUR ...see below.
VOICE COMMAND is a very useful feature.
Brisbane Maps: Detours are plainly ridiculous. Requesting a detour prior to Nudgee Road on the way to the airport resulted in several backstreets returning to the departure point (The Gabba) and then re-tracving the original route. The expected and obvious detour was left Nudgee Road to East West Arterial and direct to the airport. Obvious..and no problem to a local...but disaster to a visitor perhaps tight on time for a flight. This not a once-off. In the limited time I have been using this GPS there have been similar instances as I have tried to experiment with the capabilities. 7
32 TW_Dunn Garmin Nuvi 3790T Garmin Nuvi 3790T
Sleek Look, Very thin profile, Touch Screen very responsive, Voice Commands excellent, Greater Internal Memory for increased capacity Micro SD Card for expanded memory, Elevation indicator, Speed indicator.
Additional comments to come as I use the device more.
Vouce commands limited, FM Traffic Messaging includes pop-up ads, somewhat annoying. Additional Comments as I use the device more.  
33 jhale716 Garmin 3790T Gets me there, once you have entered the location navigation is pretty reliable. Used in Australia, New Zealand and France with no trouble finding my destinations. My S90i is a dream to use compared to the MY55. MY 55 interface can be painfully slow and difficult to use. Not intuitive for entering destination and somewhat frustrating when you are required to enter a suburb it disagrees with. The S90i over the MY55 provided you have got a decent battery or power source as the S90i platform is getting old. 6
34 locdu Garmin 3790T The best Garmin GPS.
Easy to use
Full funtionLive traffic
Some time lost communication with Motorola Milestone. need to pair again. 8
35 brendan.hobbart Garmin Nuvi 3790T Awesome screen - great resolution and color. Love the 3D topography. Looks better than any OEM in-car system I have seen yet.
The initial software seems buggy - a few crashes and spontaneous reboots since I got it. Im hoping the newer firmware will help with that. 7
36 kestar Garmin Nuvi 3790T Good display clearly visible under most light conditiopns Cannot change distance before various alerts 7
37 Garmin Nuvi 3790T Good, Easy to use, It is damn to operate at beginning. It takes quite long time to draw the pic on the unit. 8
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