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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 Garmin 2597LMT Good solid reliable performance, with great (if expensive) mounting system so I can transfer it between cars. Although the device works well, and the Garmin Express software is easy to use for maintaining updates of software and maps, the Garmin online shop and support is woeful.
2 mikeowens750 Garmin Zumo 350LM Works fine on the bike Non-standard waypoints and routing so sometimes tedious 7
3 dcgmenterprises Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT After previous versipon of Nuvi I have to say that I like the 4 Square especially Smart Link! Should have come with an anti reflection screen rather than buy one for it. 7
4 slysven Garmin Nüvi 1310 I appreciate the ability to download and use third party maps - and to be able to extend the area covered by using them. I wish I was able to enter more than just ONE via point to plan a journey. Also specifying a destination when you do not actually have an exact address is a nightmare - it would be so much better if one could jump to a, say town and then pan around to set the exact location - say if you know where it is already but not the exact road or number on the street. You do have a browse map function but that is tied to your current or last recorded location - which is not much help if you want to reposition on a different town/city...! 5
5 kevin.hutch Garmin Nuvi 2797 Great GPS supper trip planner and a handy speedo/odometer plus the ease of custom POIs No ability to individually select ICONs displayed when travelling or set unique audible alerts from the GPS. 8
6 gary.liddle888 Garmin Dezl 760 Accuracy, large screen. Life time free mapping. No facility to set vehicle maximum speed - makes time of arrival incorrect (not great for HGV users). 6
7 dann3234 Garmin Zumo 350LM Motorcycle specific unit
Waterproof,Shock proof,
Can pair with MC helmet com system
Cannot be paired with cell phone for use in a car 8
8 pktchina4 Garmin Nuvi 2597 bigger 5 display
voice commands works well
lifetime map update
Mobile phone interface audio quality 7
9 pktchina Garmin Nuvi 2597 stable and easy to use suction pad mounting not readily usable on modern car dash 7
10 johnniegif Garmin NuLink 2340 Gets me from a to b and finds its way out of large cities. Good clear turning information. Audio us loud enough. Lifetime maps added to my unit. This SatNav believes I prefer dirt tracks to fast, safe roads. I wish I knew how to change it. 5
11 geogrunt Garmin NuviCamHD-LMT 6 Best GPS to date Clearer & Louder Speakers - I still like the old FM Transmitter that used your stereo speakers to provide cellphone conversations . . . 9
12 gaznic61 Garmin nuvi 3598 lmt d Only just purchased but very impressed with it so far. Clear directions and lots of facilities. Bulky charger cable and DAB ariel makes your dash a bit untidy. 6
13 nala9 Garmin Nuvi 67 LM Good viewing, price is competitive.
User friendly, and spares available
Font could be a little bigger 9
14 john.hobbs garmin nuvi 2597 Nice bright screen and clear voice instructions. Difficult to use compared to my old Nuvi, red light camera warnings have disappeared. also some of the hazard warnings such as school areas. 6
15 mvnrdy Garmin Nuvi 220 Decent device, pretty robust, simple and easy to use. Would love online updates and GPS traffic info, but since its an older device happy with it so far. 5
16 edouard.fourcade garmin nuvi 2597 It's very solid, resist to shock, high temperature in the car. It's strongly made. I would not recommend this gps. Map not well updated, POI never updated, no easy configuration, it doesn't give the best itineraries. It can advise the traffic jam but often too late. 2
17 gkeel Garmin NuviCam Life time Maps. Good video quality Auto routing sometimes not the best 7
18 davesloan Garmin Nuvicam Very quick and simple. Good screen. It works! Speed limit display dreadful. Does not see 30mph limits in small villages. TomTom can do it. Standard speed camera warnings excessive and irritating. 8
19 lcole73 Garmin Dezl 560LMT last update deleted or corrupted all my trucking POI's and now I have no alerts It was great before the March-April update, now it's crap 6
20 wolfordt Garmin 1450 This is my 3rd and I think they are great Getting through the menu 7
21 gary-GDT Garmin 65LMT Big Screen
Nice User Interface
Fast Traffic Updates
Up Ahead finds POIs along route
Horizontal and Vertical Map views
Actually too big to fit where I had my last GPS-- Dash Speedo gets in way. Not really a Weakness. Made EcoRoute a PAID add on--- was free in my last lower end GPS (never used it, but why paid now, on higher end) No learning trends--- Older lower end garmin did it. 8
22 chrishiggins Garmin BMW Nav 5 / iPhone 6 Few quirks but generally happy Creating indepth routes, screen resolution could be better 7
23 vwerko garmin 2599LMT it's still new but works fine so far took forever to update maps 7
24 mstremick1 Garmin 1490 LMT Life time updates are nice Slow on booting up and could use more drive space 6
25 rosejjd Garmin Traffic and map updates for life, lane guidance, traffic delays, weather alerts, easy to use favorites and pois, excellent signal strength and easy user interface. More options on the gps device for pois, proximity warnings, etc. 8
26 moses.dinku Garmin Nuvi 3490 Very good device for advanced navigation. Can do better though as i feel its potential has been greatly limited 6
27 misiek_spam Garmin nuvi 2598LMT-D Maps updates, usability PC Software for updates 7
28 h4rley4 Garmin Nuvi 1490LMT life time maps and traffic as well as a nice size screen I wish it was voice control 8
29 mikie Garmin nuvi 3597LMTHD large display and faster processing speeds hard to read display in full sunlight 7
30 ray_palmer1 Garmin Nuvi 5000 Excellent. Large screen Does not record tracks 9
31 richn Garmin Nav 4 Great on the motorcycle Integrating to automatically integrate POI's for warnings such as red light cameras 7
32 threespears Garmin Oregon 600 Rugged, small, great display. Backlight uses batteries fast, searching for addresses far away (25 km) is pretty much useless. 6
33 buck2543 Garmin Nuivi 2595 Great navigation features Less than stellar voice recognition 7
34 dietrichroland Garmin Nuvi 2350 It has been a life save at times, it's usually quick to find places I need to go. The touchscreen could be better, sometimes it doesn't respond to my touches. 7
35 chris_in_exile Garmin Nuvi 2595 Doesn't crash and I like the display format POIs are buried deep in the menus 6
36 chen2601 Garmin Nuvi 1240 - reliable
- accurate
- easy to use
- no online traffic data 7
37 bernie.n.allen Garmin nuvi 760 Good Maps - lifetime European Map updates
Good size screen and very clear.
Has a transmitter for playing music and voice through radio.
Has Bluetooth for hands free mobile connection.
Maps are fairly standard (older GPS) No updates on the go - have to connect to a PC. Aerial for traffic attached to charging cable. Can be slow on start up Limited storage - needs additional memory card. 5
38 williamh Garmin 2797 LMT Very good Voice Commands Lack of Freeway signs during navigation 7
39 djdennyray Garmin nuvi65LMT Trip Planning!
Easy connection to windshield!
Ability to add files and icons.
Can't locate state roads, county roads or interstate highways in search engine without an address. (Very bad) No voice command. 7
40 lewis.terri Garmin 42LM Size is good for carrying around Maps have poi data - it is accessed when I do a POI lookup. Why can't the device use that data to show icons on the map? 7
41 cobish2 garmin nuvi 1200 3790t Portable, reliable, easy to use and quite cheap....
better, slim, ease of use,more utilities...
no lane assist lol very delicate do not drop!!! 6
42 Greg2561 Garmin Nuvi 2595 LMT Nuvi's have been the easiest to use for me. Used to have external antenna ports but now they don't. 8
43 Garmin NAV4 BMW motorcycle specific GPS Cannot create custom POI's on the device Cannot manage POI's or alerts on the device Can be hard to read when mounted on motorcycle 6
44 deb.gar Garmin RV 760 LMT Overall Great - Love the 7 inch Screen, Smart phone Bluetooth for hands free and smart Apps, and built in POIs for RV Garmin Mapping Software - Base camp - its complicated 8
45 tom-GDT-GPS Garmin Montana 600 Rugged perfect for bikes Software a bit limited 7
46 bjambo Garmin GPS Map 62S & Nuvi 215W GPS Map 62S is very versatile as it can be used in a vehicle on 12Vdc or hand held running on internal AA batteries. It is also quite robust. The fluxgate compass is quite handy too. GPS Map 62S has a rubber encased case which tends to disintegrate. It also lacks a screen that is visible in bright sunlight. 6
47 ceco2884 garmin560lmt good device for truckers sometimes recalculates unnecessary deviations in the last minute  
48 adrianeli4 Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT Big screen, fast start, fast routing Voice command - for me it works one in about four tries, and I have to mute the radio. 7
49 osbornespain4 Garmin Nuvi 3760 Good clean design - great features Pedestrian battery life not very good. 7
50 reinhard.kunz Garmin Camper 760 LMT-D well built, good screen size. :) Garmin Express ( PC and Mac) still in infancy stage :( 7
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