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3330 Fairchild Gardens Ave
Unit 30484
Palm Beach Gardens FL 33420

   Phone: +561-246-1180

Starting my own cleaning company came by me naturally. My mother has owned her own cleaning company since I was four years old, so you can only imagine the hours I put in while watching her work. I spent years in the field cleaning residential, commercial and even construction properties. It was this work that helped me earn my bachelors degree in Business Management from Florida State University.

Custom Cleaning has expanded into Palm Beach so we can provide you with the same high quality services that Martin County has been receiving for more than twenty years. We have broadened our horizons to serve Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm, Royal Palm, Palm Beach Island and surrounding areas.

What makes Custom Cleaning unique We know that every home and office requires a personalized cleaning plan that is tailored around each customer's individual needs. Without being told, we clean everything starting with the crown molding all the way down to the baseboards. You can rest assured that your home or office will sparkle once we have completed our work. We pride ourselves on a hands on management approach and guarantee the same cleaning crew each week to ensure the gratification and happiness of all our customers.

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Updated: October 2018

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