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1175 15th St W
North Vancouver BC V7P 1M7

   Phone: +(604) 307-2869

Accredited team of interior designers at Designs for Life, Kamelia and her team are well-known for lavish style and exceptional decorating designs, with budget friendly services. We combine their decorating background expertise and home staging skills to strategically stage properties to sell quickly and at optimal prices! We decorate to allure/attract buyers, paying top dollar for your property. Our inventory is filled with tasteful choices of furniture, eclectic accessories, and gallery art.
We offer home staging and interior designs services in and out of Vancouver. At Designs for Life, we strive to create tasteful interiors that inspire. As the principal designer at Designs for Life, Kamelia Rahmatzadeh continues to raise the bar for stylish and elegant interiors.

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Established in 2012
Updated: December 2016

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