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1. Radio Rentals
GPS POI: Shopping in Australia - Radio Rentals SA and Radio Rentals AU are Australia's largest household appliance rental companies, with over 80 Australian store locations. They pride themself on offering the best service to Australians in renting all your favourite brands and the latest in electrical and household appliances to suit any budget, lifestyle or need.
2. Movie Rentals
GPS POI: Recreation in Australia - DVD, Blu-Ray and game stand-alone DVD rental kiosks and full service rental stores across Australia.
GPS Map: FUN PARTY - Agata 821
4. Tuscan Kitchen
GPS Map: Tuscan Kitchen - 24 New England Executive Park
5. Always & Forever Wedding Videos
GPS Map: Always & Forever Wedding Videos - 11 Farewell Lane
6. Myshak Sales & Rentals Ltd Acheson
GPS Map: Myshak Sales & Rentals Ltd Acheson - 813-53016 HWY 60
7. 2429 Cedar Party
8. Cedar Party NSW 2429
9. Total Garage Deal Party
10. WiFi HotSpot
11. Bed & Breakfast Haiti Party V. Rummo 29/
12. WiFi HotSpot
GPS Map: WiFi HotSpot - Boston Tea Party
13. WiFi HotSpot
GPS Map: WiFi HotSpot - Boston Tea Party
14. TomTom Start60 via third party
Installation Support Forum: Anyone know if I can download via third party poi's to my Start60. I can see the above in my computer therefore I can only assume I wont be able to us...
15. Kenwood Vs Garmin, POI Installation
Garmin Forum: I recently installed a 2din Kenwood head unit with Garmin navigation model DNX5380BT. I have followed the threads in the forums for newbies, scoured t...
16. New England real colour scheme
TomTom Forum: Hi Does anyone know where I can download new England real colour scheme?
17. How to upload multiple POI's in one go
Garmin Forum: How do you add for example, all the BP petrol stations in England in one go? From what I can see I'll need to upload each one, one at a time, is that ...
18. Noob - Downloads don't work
Installation Support Forum: Doh, understood. Managed to download 'England' tourist points. Appreciate your patience.
19. Business listing service
GPS Tools: List your business in 3 easy steps. It takes about 2 minutes to list and verify your ...

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