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1. Walmart Kitchener-Waterloo Supercentre -
GPS Map: Walmart Kitchener-Waterloo Supercentre - 100 The Boardwalk
2. Walmart Bridgeport Supercentre
GPS Map: Walmart Bridgeport Supercentre - 70 Bridgeport Road East
3. Walmart Waterloo Store
GPS Map: Walmart Waterloo Store - 335 Farmers Market Rd.
4. Walmart Waterloo Supercenter
GPS Map: Walmart Waterloo Supercenter - 1334 Flammang Dr
5. Walmart Waterloo Supercenter NY
GPS Map: Walmart Waterloo Supercenter NY - 1860 N Road
6. Walmart Waterloo Supercenter IL
GPS Map: Walmart Waterloo Supercenter IL - 961 N Market St
7. ServiceOntario Waterloo
GPS Map: ServiceOntario Waterloo - Waterloo Region Small Business Centre - Waterloo Location
8. CoPilot
CoPilot Forum: I've got CoPilot (Australian mapes) 7.0.2 with my HTC TyII. It works but I found numerous errors in the map (say, it routes me to Woolloomooloo instea...
9. How do you navigate to an ALERT
Garmin Forum: I have Custom POI's loaded on my 1690, example: Walmart locations. When the alert pops up, I'm just getting a dark popup with the walmart description ...
10. No 4GB limit
Garmin Forum: I also had the same issue. 4GB according to Garmin is the maximum size the unit will recognize. I picked up the least expensive 4GB card from Walmart ...
11. Upload
Installation Support Forum: OK...I seem to have successfully downloaded the loader and the Walmart file I want. Now how do I "upload" to my Garmin Nuvi 285wt?? Can't fi...
12. Answer
SatNav Discussion Forum: Most mp3 players at walmart or other big stores will work just fine. MP3 has come a long way since it started many years ago and even the most basic o...
13. Business listing service
GPS Tools: List your business in 3 easy steps. It takes about 2 minutes to list and verify your ...

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