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300 Bayfield Street
Barrie ON L4M 3B9


   Phone: +1-705-7224466
Travelodge Barrie on Bayfield


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Maps and GPS directions to Travelodge Barrie on Bayfield and other Travelodge Hotels in Canada. Find your nearest Travelodge Hotels. There are loads of reasons our customers choose to stay at Thriftlodge and Travelodge. Their great value clean and comfortable rooms with en-suite provide everything needed for a good night's sleep and are close to where people want to stay. Thriftlodge/Travelodge is franchised by Wyndham Worldwide, the world's largest hotel chain.

Please note: Business hours may not be accurate due to COVID-19 related restrictions. Please contact your local store to get the most updated information.

Travelodge Hotels:  Distance 
Travelodge Richmond Hill 63.6 km 39.5 mi 🡣
Travelodge Hotel Toronto Airport/Dixon 80 km 49.7 mi 🡣
Travelodge Bracebridge 84.8 km 52.7 mi 🡡
Travelodge Toronto East 85.2 km 52.9 mi 🡦
Travelodge Oshawa Whitby 108.4 km 67.3 mi 🡢
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