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6200 McKay Avenue
Unit 240
Burnaby BC V5H 4L7


   Phone: +(604) 438-0569
Bed Bath & Beyond Burnaby


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Maps and GPS directions to Bed Bath & Beyond Burnaby and other Bed, Bath and Beyond locations in Canada. Find your nearest Bed, Bath and Beyond. Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. is a chain of superstores selling predominantly better quality domestics merchandise and home furnishings in over 800 stores. Bed Bath & Beyond combines superior service and a huge selection of items at everyday low prices within a constantly evolving shopping environment that has proven to be both fun and exciting for customers. Bed Bath & Beyond's stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol BBBY.
Bed, Bath and Beyond has stores in the United States and Canada.

Please note: Business hours may not be accurate due to COVID-19 related restrictions. Please contact your local store to get the most updated information.

Bed, Bath and Beyond:  Distance 
Bed Bath & Beyond Coquitlam 16.2 km 10 mi 🡢
Bed Bath & Beyond Central at Garden Ci 14.4 km 8.9 mi 🡠
Bed Bath & Beyond Vancouver 16.1 km 10 mi 🡠
Bed Bath & Beyond North Vancouver 14.7 km 9.1 mi 🡤
Bed Bath & Beyond Surrey 17.7 km 11 mi 🡢
Nearby POI: Distance 
7-Eleven Burnaby BC V5H 2E6 0.3 km 0.2 mi 🡡
7-Eleven Burnaby BC V5J 4K3 0.3 km 0.2 mi 🡡
Bell Burnaby BC V5H 2B1 0.4 km 0.2 mi 🡡
Shoppers Drug Mart Burnaby BC V5H 2A1 0.5 km 0.3 mi 🡡
Canadian Garage Door Repair New Westmi 9.3 km 5.8 mi 🡢

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