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6275 boul. St. Laurent
Montreal QC H2S 3C3


   Phone: +(514) 273-2428
Canadian Tire Montreal QC H2S 3C3

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Maps and GPS directions to Canadian Tire Montreal QC H2S 3C3 and other Canadian Tire Stores in Canada. Find your nearest Canadian Tire Stores. Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited and their network of associate dealers form one of Canada's best-known and most shopped retailers, offering customers the convenience of three specialty categories under one roof - Automotive, Sports and Leisure, and Home Products.

Canadian Tire Stores:  Distance 
Canadian Tire Montreal QC H1Z 4N43.5 km2.1 miles N
Canadian Tire St. Leonard4.7 km2.9 miles N
Canadian Tire Montreal QC H3S 2B24.7 km2.9 miles S
Canadian Tire Montreal QC H3Z 1X55 km3.1 miles S
Canadian Tire Montreal QC H1W 1B25.1 km3.2 miles NE
Nearby POI: Distance 
Home Depot Montreal QC H2S 3S10.6 km0.4 miles SW
La Source Montréal QC H2S 2M50.9 km0.5 miles N
Pharmaprix Montreal QC H2S 2S21.1 km0.7 miles N

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