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1408 West Sugar Creek Rd
Charlotte NC 28262

United States

   Phone: +1-704-5978110
Days Inn Charlotte North-Speedway-UNCC-Research Park

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Maps and GPS directions to Days Inn Charlotte North-Speedway-UNCC-Research Park and other Days Inn Hotels in the United States. Find your nearest Days Inn Hotels. Days Inn properties are found all over the globe - in cosmopolitan cities and quaint towns, at beaches and in mountain ranges, along highways and near airports. Many conveniences are standard at these properties such as: Free Daybreak Breakfast, Free high-speed Internet access, SolTerre shower and sleep experience, and Free weekday USA Today (or National Post in Canada).

Days Inn Hotels:  Distance 
Days Inn Charlotte Northlake6.6 km4.1 miles NW
Days Inn Charlotte/Woodlawn Near Carowin15.3 km9.5 miles S
Days Inn Charlotte Airport North16.6 km10.3 miles SW
Days Inn Concord NC22.3 km13.8 miles N
Days Inn Cornelius Lake Norman24.4 km15.1 miles N
Nearby POI: Distance 
Super 8 Charlotte University0.3 km0.2 miles SW
Motel 6 Charlotte NC0.6 km0.4 miles S
US Post Office Charlotte NC1.9 km1.2 miles N

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