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13050 48th Avenue South
Seattle WA 98168

United States

   Phone: +1-206-2412200
Days Inn Seattle South Tukwila

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Maps and GPS directions to Days Inn Seattle South Tukwila and other Days Inn Hotels in the United States. Find your nearest Days Inn Hotels. Days Inn properties are found all over the globe - in cosmopolitan cities and quaint towns, at beaches and in mountain ranges, along highways and near airports. Many conveniences are standard at these properties such as: Free Daybreak Breakfast, Free high-speed Internet access, SolTerre shower and sleep experience, and Free weekday USA Today (or National Post in Canada).

Days Inn Hotels:  Distance 
Days Inn Seatac Airport6.6 km4.1 miles S
Days Inn Kent 84th Ave10.6 km6.6 miles S
Days Inn Bellevue Seattle18.1 km11.3 miles N
Days Inn Auburn18.9 km11.7 miles S
Days Inn Federal Way22.5 km14 miles S
Nearby POI: Distance 
Quiznos Tukwila0.4 km0.3 miles SW
Starbucks Tukwila WA0.4 km0.3 miles W
BECU Tukwila0.6 km0.4 miles NW
Harborstone CU Tukwila0.9 km0.6 miles NW
LPG Tukwila WA1.1 km0.7 miles NW
US Post Office Seattle WA 981783.6 km2.2 miles NE

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