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Dairy Queen/Orange Julius Treat Ctr
Galleria At South Bay
Redondo Beach CA 90278-3443

United States

   Phone: +310-371-4591
DQ Redondo Beach

Contact Details
Toll free:1-866-793-7582
E-mail:Hidden (Call please)
Store No:10490

Opening Hours
Open:Please call

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Maps and GPS directions to DQ Redondo Beach and other Dairy Queen locations in the United States. Find your nearest Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen is an international chain of ice cream and fast food restaurants. This is a complete list of Dairy Queen restaurant locations in the USA including geographic coordinates.
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Dairy Queen:  Distance 
DQ Culver City13.6 km8.4 miles N
DQ Cerritos28.9 km17.9 miles E
DQ Cypress CA35.6 km22.1 miles SE
DQ Garden Grove CA37.2 km23.1 miles SE
DQ Huntington Beach CA38.9 km24.2 miles SE
Nearby POI: Distance 
Starbucks Torrance CA 905040.2 km0.1 miles N
Starbucks Redondo Beach CA 902780.2 km0.1 miles NW
McDonald's Redondo Beach CA0.2 km0.1 miles NW
Panera Bread Redondo Beach0.3 km0.2 miles S
Subway Lawndale0.4 km0.2 miles N
Green Empire Group13.7 km8.5 miles S

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