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4226 Pacific Coast Highway
Torrance CA 90505-5526

United States

   Phone: +(310) 378-2800
Papa John's Pizza Torrance

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Maps and GPS directions to Papa John's Pizza Torrance and other Papa John's Pizza Restaurants in the United States. Find your nearest Papa John's Pizza Restaurants. Papa John's Pizza GPS locations. Find your local Papa John's Pizza restaurant. Papa John's menu offers a variety of hot pizza, breadsticks, chicken wings, dipping sauce and more.
Papa John's has restaurants in the USA and Canada.

Papa John's Pizza Restaurants:  Distance 
Papa John's Pizza Lomita5.3 km3.3 miles SE
Papa John's Pizza Redondo Beach5.7 km3.5 miles N
Papa John's Pizza Redondo Beach CA 902787.4 km4.6 miles N
Papa John's Pizza Rancho Palos Verdes8.4 km5.2 miles S
Papa John's Pizza Lawndale9 km5.6 miles N
Nearby POI: Distance 
Subway Torrance CA 90505-57620.5 km0.3 miles SE
McDonald's Torrance CA 90505-59160.5 km0.3 miles SE
KFC Torrance CA 905050.7 km0.5 miles SE
Carl's Jr Green Burrito Torrance CA 90500.9 km0.5 miles SE
Starbucks Torrance CA 90505/50.9 km0.6 miles SE
Green Empire Group7.3 km4.5 miles S

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