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7205 N Telegraph
Dearborn Heights MI 48125

United States

   Phone: +(313) 730-9810
Tim Horton's Dearborn Heights

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Maps and GPS directions to Tim Horton's Dearborn Heights and other Tim Hortons in the United States. Find your nearest Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons offers coffee and donuts in locations across the United States and Canada. Tim Hortons opened its first restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario in 1964.
At the heart of Tim Hortons is a commitment to quality and a sense of honest dependability that our millions of customers have come to count on. It's reflected in everything they do and make. Whether it's the freshness of our coffee and baked goods, or in the numerous ways they give back to the communities, Tim Hortons is about caring for their customers and their neighbourhoods.

Tim Hortons:  Distance 
Tim Horton's Redford MI 482396 km3.7 miles N
Tim Horton's Redford6.5 km4 miles N
Tim Horton's Taylor9.7 km6.1 miles S
Tim Horton's Livonia MI 48154/210.2 km6.4 miles N
Tim Horton's Evergreen10.5 km6.5 miles N
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