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Camping World Of El Paso
8805 North Desert Boulevard
Anthony TX 79821

United States

   Phone: +1 888-618-4803
Camping World Anthony


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Contact Details
Phone:(888) 618-4803
Phone:(866) 650-9145
General Manager:Trudy King
Contact Person:Ignacia Acosta
Video Call ID: ☎ Video Chat 🔊


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Usual Hours
Monday - Sunday:9am - 5pm

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Maps and GPS directions to Camping World Anthony and other Camping World locations in the United States. Find your nearest Camping World. From camping gear, outdoor gear to RV parts and accessories, Camping World has what you need for your trip.

Camping World:  Distance 
Camping World Albuquerque 343.1 km 213.2 mi 🡡
Camping World Tucson 481.9 km 299.5 mi 🡠
Camping World Lubbock 551.9 km 342.9 mi 🡢
Camping World Mesa 599.3 km 372.4 mi 🡠
Camping World Avondale 653.9 km 406.3 mi 🡠
Nearby POI: Distance 
KOA Anthony 0.2 km 0.1 mi 🡢
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