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1758 S 320th St
Federal Way WA 98003

United States

   Phone: +(253) 941-6138
Trader Joe's Federal Way

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Maps and GPS directions to Trader Joe's Federal Way and other Trader Joe's Stores in the United States. Find your nearest Trader Joe's Stores. Looking for great food at great prices, without the gimmicks? Look no further than your neighborhood Trader Joe's store.

Trader Joe's Stores:  Distance 
Trader Joe's Burien16.3 km10.1 miles N
Trader Joe's University Place Tacoma27.1 km16.9 miles SW
Trader Joe's West Seattle28.5 km17.7 miles N
Trader Joe's Seattle/Capitol Hill33.3 km20.7 miles N
Trader Joe's Seattle/Queen Anne Hill35.6 km22.1 miles N
Nearby POI: Distance 
Rite Aid Federal Way0.2 km0.1 miles SW
Harbor Freight Federal Way0.3 km0.2 miles NW
Kohl's Federal Way0.4 km0.2 miles SE
Best Buy Federal Way0.5 km0.3 miles NW
Target Federal Way0.6 km0.4 miles SE
US Post Office Federal Way WA0.9 km0.6 miles S

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