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GPS: Tomtom go720

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Can anyone help me with this? How do you add poi to Copilot live for Android?

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GPS: Copilot8/Android

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Save the ov2 file and associated bitmap files to <SD>/copilot/save. Then when you open Copilot it will tell you it found it and you go through the process of setting it up.
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GPS: TomTom XXL + iPad with 3 gps apps

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I have been trying to deside between TomtTom and Copilot live 8 to install in my iPad. What I understand is TomTom does not use iPads HD res. (was designed of iPhone & iPod) and also has problems with iPads GPS. I have a TomTom XXL and really like the pios for it. I have checked out Copilot live 8 and am very impessed but would realy like to be able add in the pios that are avialble for TomTom. I am hoping that someone in this forum can help. Posibly some one with Copilot on iPhone knows how to change or add pios through iTunes?

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This does vary a bit depending on which particular flavour of CoPilot Live is being used - your instructions will work nicely for those who just have one country enabled.

The instructions if you have CoPilot Live 8 with multiple countries in a region are a bit different, but not by much:

a) Transfer the .ov2 and its bitmap to /sdcard/copilot/(REGION)/(CONTINENT)/save (in my case, as I have the version with both US and Canada maps licensed, it's /sdcard/copilot/NA/North America/save; this will vary if you have the European version or Asian versions)

b) CoPilot Live 8 will automagically detect said .ov2, walk you through if you want to set up a new category (if you want to use a custom BMP, you must create a new category), ask you if you're importing speed or redlight camera data (say no in 99% of cases), and there you go. Very Happy

Also, it IS possible to convert speed camera data to .ov2 and import it to CoPilot Live 8 (I've done so successfully with the speed camera data from the POI Directory); it's not a huge deal for me, as I live in an area where speed and red-light cameras are everywhere). It is useful for importing speed camera data if you don't want to sign up for the service through CoPilot Live. (I find independent sites tend to have more accurate data anyways. Very Happy)



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For the US Copilot version save all downloaded OV2 POI files to: /copilot/save

CoPilot chokes if you save multiple OV2 files (software bug). Import one file at a time, or combine multiple OV2 files into one OV2 file with:


GPS: Garmin Nuvi 2579lmt

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Android CoPilot Live Premium and CoPilot Live Standard apps has the ability to import custom POIs.

The procedure is identical to the old instructions on how to add POIs to CoPilot Live 8. CoPilot unfortunately does NOT use CSV files. It uses TomTom OV2 POI files - get them here: )

How to install CoPilot POIs:

- Open the notifications panel, select USB connection and mount the memory card on your computer

- Open the com.alk.copilot. save folder on your memory card

- Drag and drop your CoPilot (TomTom) POIs and icons to the Save folder

- Unmount the memory card from your computer and start CoPilot Live on your smartphone and enter a name for the list you imported

- Select a POI category from the list or create a new one.

- To set up a new POI category, tap New Category, then enter a category name of your choice and pick a POI image for it.

Once again, CoPilot uses only TomTom OV2 files. You can convert your CSV files here:
You can use both TomTom POI Editor and Garmin Extra POI Editor to convert CSV to OV2 file format.

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GPS: Hd2

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peter1111 wrote:
Can anyone help me with this? How do you add poi to Copilot live 8 for Android?


Please note that in my experience with radar POI's, co-pilot ver. 8 Android will recognize and integrate only one new file at a time.
ie: copy one poi file to the co-pilot \save directory then start co-pilot, it will recognize the file. Repeat for multiple file..
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