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1. FIT-Foods & Home
GPS Map: FIT-Foods & Home - 46025 County Road 48

2. Bruno's Pizza
GPS Map: Bruno's Pizza - 6652 East County Hwy 30A

3. Campbell Wrecking & Towing
GPS Map: Campbell Wrecking & Towing - Old Glen Innes Rd

4. Budget Gatton
GPS Map: Budget Gatton - Racq Towing And Auto Repairs 277 Eastern Drive

5. US Bank Germantown
GPS Map: US Bank Germantown - N96W18480 County Line Rd

6. Starbucks Germantown WI 53022
GPS Map: Starbucks Germantown WI 53022 - County Line Road & Appleton

7. 5/3 Bank ATM Indianapolis IN 46227
GPS Map: 5/3 Bank ATM Indianapolis IN 46227 - U.S. 31 & County Line

8. Office Depot Jackson MS
GPS Map: Office Depot Jackson MS - 1053 E. County Line Rd

9. Exxon Jackson MS 39211/3
GPS Map: Exxon Jackson MS 39211/3 - JASCO COUNTY LINE

10. .vif - Voice Information File
TomTom Forum: TomTom - Voice Information File (.vif) The .vif file stores information about the voice file that is used to control the display. It is a simple text...

11. How to import POI Editor CSV file
GPS POI Tools Forum: I replaces all tabs with commas, removed duplicated commas, loaded the file with POI Editor and here is the result: ;Longitude,Latitude,Name,Addres...

12. Re: voices
TomTom Forum: I have followed these exact directions and my new downloaded voices are still not appearing as an option. any thoughts? open up your vif file in note...

13. Map accuracy for the Nuvi 52
Garmin Forum: Why does my Garmin I just received last year as a Christmas present do not have the new highways that were completed over a year ago on them. Example:...

14. Re: download error as requested
Garmin Forum: i get this error "Please go back and select your state, region or county." Hi That is not an error. What happens when you select your...

15. Business listing service (from virtually to literally free)
GPS Tools: Promoted and self-promoted business listings. List your business in 3 easy steps. It takes about 2 minutes to list and verify your ...