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6496 Marindustry Dr
Suite A
San Diego CA 92121

   Phone: +1 (858) 586-1717

Established in 1984, Picnic People is our full-service catering and special events company in San Diego. We thrive on sunshine and providing San Diego companies big and small with the best in creative event experiences. Our clients choose to work with us because we handle every event detail from finding event locations to creative event themes, activities, games, and BBQ food featuring our slow smoked meats. We bring fun, relaxation, laughter, and the best service everywhere we go. Our experienced Event Coordinators and event staff are dedicated, and very passionate about providing the best catering and event production services available in San Diego.
As our clients grow and their needs change, we've grown right along with them continually adding to our extensive list of event offerings. Our events may evolve, but our values and commitment to exceptional service will never change. We know fun and we love sharing our energetic event spirit with all of San Diego!

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Opened in 1984
Updated: January 2020

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