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31 Colossus Drive
Woodbridge Ontario L4L 9K4

   Phone: +1 905-265-1099

Woodbridge family food restaurant specializing in breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts with a fully licensed lounge.

Come in and be wowed by the distinctive, cozy and inviting casual atmosphere of Symposium Woodbridge Think gourmet comfort food enjoyed in a stylish space with a Renaissance theme. See why we've been voted a top favourite restaurant in the Woodbridge Ontario community. Open 7 days a week–early mornings to late nights – offering extensive menu options including: full service breakfast & brunch, lunch and dinner menus with burgers, seafood, pasta, healthy salads, hearty sandwiches, vegetarian dishes, and mouth-watering desserts as well as a licensed bar area with beer, wine, and great cocktail service.

Special deals & offers:
  • Symposium restaurants offer daily food and beverage menu specials with great value & variety. Every day of the week our restaurant features provide another reason to make Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge your local dining out spot with daily specials like Date Night, 50% Off Wine Bottles, Pasta specials, and Kids Eat Free deals.

Employees: 24

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Web site: Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge Woodbridge

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Open all holidays (closed Christmas Day)

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Updated: April 2024 ✅

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