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Dairy Queen/Orange Julius Treat Ctr
25 Peel Centre Drive
Brampton ON L6T 3R5


   Phone: +905-463-1901
DQ Brampton ON L6T 3R5

Contact Details
Toll free:1-866-793-7582
E-mail:Hidden (Call please)
Store No:12224

Opening Hours
Open:Please call

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Maps and GPS directions to DQ Brampton ON L6T 3R5 and other Dairy Queen locations in Canada. Find your nearest Dairy Queen. Dairy Queen is an international chain of ice cream and fast food restaurants. This is a complete list of Dairy Queen restaurant locations in Canada including geographic coordinates.
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Dairy Queen:  Distance 
DQ Brampton ON L6W 2A94.2 km2.6 miles S
DQ Brampton ON6.2 km3.9 miles N
DQ Brampton7.6 km4.7 miles N
DQ Brampton ON L6X 3B910 km6.2 miles SW
DQ Brampton ON L7A 0N511.2 km7 miles SW
Nearby POI: Distance 
Burger King Brampton0.1 km0.1 miles N
Subway Brampton ON L6T 3R50.2 km0.1 miles N
McDonald's Brampton ON L6T 3R50.2 km0.1 miles N
Tim Horton's Brampton ON L6T 3R50.3 km0.2 miles N
Subway Brampton ON L6T 4G80.5 km0.3 miles E
Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge Bolto16.6 km10.3 miles N

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