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Pembina And Grant (675 Weatherdon Ave)
Winnipeg MB R3M 2B1


   Phone: +(204) 339-7272
Papa John's Pizza Winnipeg MB R3M 2B1

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Maps and GPS directions to Papa John's Pizza Winnipeg MB R3M 2B1 and other Papa John's Pizza Restaurants in Canada. Find your nearest Papa John's Pizza Restaurants. Papa John's Pizza GPS locations. Find your local Papa John's Pizza restaurant. Papa John's menu offers a variety of hot pizza, breadsticks, chicken wings, dipping sauce and more.
Papa John's has restaurants in the USA and Canada.

Please note: Business hours may not be accurate due to CORONA-19 related restrictions. Please contact your local store to get the most updated information.

Papa John's Pizza Restaurants:  Distance 
Papa John's Pizza Winnipeg MB R2M3K15.1 km3.2 miles S
Papa John's Pizza Winnipeg MB R3T 2H46.8 km4.2 miles S
Papa John's Pizza Winnipeg13.1 km8.2 miles NW
Nearby POI: Distance 
Tim Horton's Winnipeg MB R3M 2M50.1 km0.1 miles NE
McDonald's Winnipeg MB R3M 3J70.1 km0.1 miles S
Subway Winnipeg MB R3M 3X70.3 km0.2 miles NE
Subway Winnipeg MB R3M 0W50.9 km0.6 miles N
McDonald's Winnipeg MB R3L 2A21.2 km0.8 miles N

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