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700 West Horton
Colby KS

United States

   Phone: +785-460-0044
Petro Colby


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Maps and GPS directions to Petro Colby and other Petro Stopping Centers in the United States. Find your nearest Petro Stopping Centers. Petro Stopping Centers serve the traveling public - both professional drivers and interstate motorists - with locations from coast to coast, border to border. Petro has long been regarded as the "benchmark of quality" when it comes to travel plazas.

Petro Stopping Centers:  Distance 
Petro Salina 386.9 km 240.4 mi 🡢
Petro Amarillo 455 km 282.7 mi 🡣
Petro York NE 422.5 km 262.5 mi 🡢
Petro Laramie WY 553.9 km 344.1 mi 🡠
Petro Oak Grove MO 771.1 km 479.1 mi 🡢
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