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Longaberger HQ basket-shaped building

United States

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World's Largest Basket


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Maps and GPS directions to World's Largest Basket and other Big Things in the United States. Find your nearest Big Things. Big things and and roadside attractions in the USA.
Big Things:  Distance 
World's Largest Apple Basket 30.3 km 18.8 mi 🡢
World's Largest Crystal Ball 66.5 km 41.3 mi 🡠
World's Largest Corn Field 86.2 km 53.6 mi 🡠
World's Largest Pumpkin 84.7 km 52.6 mi 🡧
World's Largest Cuckoo Clock 98.3 km 61.1 mi 🡥
Nearby POI: Distance 
Wendy's Newark 2 1 km 0.6 mi 🡠
BP Newark OH 43055/4 1 km 0.6 mi 🡠
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